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Hi, I’m Darcy

Your Performance Coach &

Personal Trainer

L3 CIMSPA Personal Trainer

L4 Strength & Conditioning Coach

L4 Nutrition

BSc Journalism

As an ex-professional athlete (field hockey), I know what it takes to succeed in sport. Today, I'm coaching others to be their best self, from boardrooms to the sports field and in the gym, I'll guide you to performing your best. 

I will instil confidence in you that will help you shine in every aspect of your life, so you can walk into every sales pitch, game day or race knowing you're a strong, successful - WINNER!

The Darcy Method

Combining a scientific mentality with a holistic approach

The Darcy Method encapsulates education, understanding, science, functionality and dedication. It's a space for people who take pride in their bodies and overall health.

Exercise, health, and nutrition have been made too complicated in today's world. I believe in simplicity because being fit and healthy can be straightforward. 

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