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The Strong Method

12 Package Payment 

+ Three times a week training

+ In-person or virtual sessions available


Step up your training game by making a serious commitment to yourself. Training three times a week requires three hours of your time, that's three episodes of your favourite show - and in return you gain better performance, body composition, more confidence and strength. Worth the investment? I thought so. 


Stay accountable

Your trainer's time is important. You don't want to let them down, so you'll show up, you'll work hard, and stay committed. I'll be your accountability partner, cheerleader and coach. I want you to win sometimes more than you do!


Get the best out of your workout!

Working out by yourself can feel lonely and uninspiring. Having a partner and coach in your corner can inspire you to push yourself harder than you'd ever have done alone! 


Specialised performance coaching

Perform exercises correctly and safely with the a professional eye. Feel relieved of pain, move confidently and enjoy how your body moves!


Lifestyle management & friendship

Your trainer is more than your workout coach. They ensure you are sleeping, eating, and managing stress well. They quickly become your confidant, life adviser, coach, pain manager, and friend. 


Session Check-Ins

Every time you come in contact with your PT, you enter a safe space for you to de-load and de-stress. It's a time for you to process whatever life throws your way and focus on how you are feeling and moving within your body. It's often a welcomed escape. 

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